Distilled Gin 43%

Made from selected grain alcohols and a careful selection of 13 botanicals. Aged for two years in white American oak barrels which once contained brandy and macerated with vanilla and roasted cacao.

The end results a perfect and unique gin that combines the art of distillation with the patience of the ageing process. A distillate of great aromatic complexity, with notes of vanilla, dried fruits and wood.

Limited batch

Aroma Very aromatic, elegant and fine on the nose, with delicate surrounding notes of wild berries such as juniper and slight reminders of resin and oak wood, very well transformed over time.

Sensación on swallowing The finish is dry and very aromatic, with plenty of balsamic notes. Very long, it remains on the palate for some time, balancing the wood, vanilla and toasted almonds.

Flavour Very smooth and unctuous in the mouth. It has a slight caramel note and a very delicate touch of wood and vanilla, rounded off with the roasted notes expected from the aging.