London Dry Gin 43%

Produced in the oldest distillery in England, Jodhpur Gin is made from select grain alcohols and a carefully-chosen assortment of 13 botanical plants, including emblematic ones native from India, giving the gin a blend of bitter yet also fresh and sweet notes, a scent of spices and a delicious citrus fragrance.


Inspired by the legendary Blue City of Jodhpur. Our artisanal gin encapsulates the essence of this enchanting Indian destination. Just like the vibrant blue hues that adorn Jodhpur’s walls, our gin possesses a uniquely striking character.

Experience the allure of Jodhpur Gin and embark on a sensory journey, where tradition meets modernity in every bottle. Unleash your senses and let Jodhpur Gin transport you to the captivating streets of the Blue City, where adventure awaits at every turn.

Our spice route

Discover our high-quality gin that uses carefully selected 13 botanicals to achieve its distinctive flavor and aroma. Each sip immerses you in a world of sophistication and elegance, where passion for detail blends with the pursuit of perfection.

Tasting note

Elegant and fine on the nose, aromatic with delicate and all-enveloping notes of wild berries, such as juniper, with a subtle background of citrus & aromatic herbs. Rather sharp but very balsamic.

Sensation on swallowing
Very aromatic finish with considerable and very long, balsamic notes, and a long aftertaste.

Very smooth and unctuous, with reminiscences of juniper berries rounded off with flavors of other aromatic herbs. A slight touch of citric resins and alcoholic flavor, very fine due to its excellent distillation.


The quality of our Jodhpur Gin is recognised worldwide having won two gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition in 2011 and 2013.

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